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In Texas, high school sports are part of the culture. This weekly television show, airs each week on KHOU 11 and provides even more content through social media, showcases the best games, athletes and human interest stories from the area.
Game of the Week

The most anticipated game on the high school football schedule. It leads off the show and features the top weekly match-up each & every week.

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The Spotlight is an in-depth look at a high school athlete or team that tells more than what’s on the field.

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The MVP Bobblehead segment highlights the best of the best football, boys basketball and girls basketball athletes from the greater Houston area. He/she also receives a custom-made bobblehead of his/her likeness.

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Plays of the Week

Each week we travel east to west and north to south to feature the best of the best plays from around the Houston area.

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The Warmup

Previewing the upcoming weekend of high school sports action by showcasing the biggest matchups from around the area.

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